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Hypnotherapy by the Bay LLC

Janis KC Jarvis, MA, MHt, CLC  

Take Back Your Bliss

Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching Programs

For your convenience, if you do not wish to use the on-line store which only allows you to use PayPal, you may pay for services using ApplePay or E-check or Credit Card (request e-invoice), Venmo @HypnoStar, over the phone.  First look over your choices below, select Buy Now to see packages and further information and then send payment using Venmo @HypnoStar. 

Calmness and Clarity

Calm the effects of fears and stress; and improving sleep so you do life better! Habits other than substances. $128 per hour.

Chrystal Bowl Persuasion Meditation may be requested as part of this program or for $103 as a stand alone. A La Carte

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Gifts Gone Bad? 

Take Back Your Bliss

Providing relief from the effects of trauma so you can live fully and be happy again!

A​re ​you dealing with lingering emotions or behavioral effects from a Gift Gone Bad?  Then this program is for you.

Here you will find the help you need to deal with and ultimately alleviate distress, fear, and bad habits which were left behind. Includes suggestive hypnotherapy, life coaching and indirect hypnotherapy. May include regression and break free sessions depending on client needs. $128 per 1 hour

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Substance Release

Habit Elimination or Cutting Back and Addiction Recovery Maintenance (Smoking, Food, Sugar, Alcohol, etc.) so you can be healthy again! There are 3 purchase options:

One and Done, 1 session, 1 hour 15 minutes $374

Comprehensive 1: 1 Session, 2-hour $374

Comprehensive 2: 2 Sessions, first 2 hours, second 45 minutes. $506 

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Regression and Higher Guidance​

Present Life Regression, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives and Spiritual Guidance: Increasing self-awareness through spiritual hypnosis so you gain a greater knowing and make better choices!

Present Life Regression, Higher Guidance, or Future Option Exploration starts at $128 per 1-hour session

Inner Child Healing and Chakra Restoration, $192 for 90-minutes

Past Life Regression $192 for 90-minutes or purchase cost saving multiple session packages.  It is recommended that novices experience suggestive hypnosis and a present life regression before attempting past life regression but not required.

LIfe Between Lives. $400 for up to 4 hours; $80 each additional hour

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Ideal Weight and Fitness

Change your subconscious mind so that your Body Mind and Spirit are a unified power team! 

May include but is not limited to:

  • recordings of all suggestive hypnosis
  • frequent--daily if necessary-coaching with motivational messages and accountability checks
  • intake and initial interview
  • 2 comprehensive sessions
  • 7 specialized sessions such as "Moderation", "Body Image and Appreciation" , "Eliminating Excess", Food Aversion", Increasing Metabolism & Movement", "Choices", "Food: Your Fuel and Medicine" and “Your Slender Image"

Packages start at $404

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