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Hypnotherapy by the Bay LLC

Janis KC Jarvis, MA, MHt, CLC  

613 Ridgely Ave, Annapolis MD 21401​    (410) 212-4144    [email protected]

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Regression and Spiritual Hypnosis

I offer 3 types of regression: 

  • Present Life
  • Past Life
  • Childhood Chakra*
I also offer Spiritual Hypnosis in order to get guidance for next steps and future paths.

*Childhood Chakra Regression is often included in the Calmness and Clarity and the Gifts Gone Bad--Take Back Your Bliss programs; or it can be purchased as a stand-alone. 

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I offer two types of past life regression. One is to address a certain issue, Therapeutic Past Life and one is a past life exploration, Past Life Curious. In both cases, for new clients, direct hypnosis is done to practice and access readiness of the client. 

Clients experienced with hypnosis and/or regression, may choose fewer sessions, primarily skipping the practice hypnotherapy and happy life regression sessions.  

The following may also be adapted for Current Life Regression.​

Therapeutic Past Life Regression 

  1.  The first session includes the intake interview, issue/goal analysis and time permitting, a direct hypnosis which addresses the goal or, a short practice direct hypnosis for relaxation or the like.  A recording of the direct hypnosis may be made and sent to the client for reinforcement between sessions. I do not record past life regressions. Experienced clients may skip the direct hypnosis and do a past life regression at this juncture and go directly to 3 and 4.
  2. The second session would reinforce the first one and discuss the new insights that have likely been coming up for the client between sessions. The session would include either another direct hypnosis or a current life regression depending on client readiness.  
  3. We begin Past Life regression in the third session.  The past life regressions might entail a visit to a happy event,  multiple visits to Significant Life Event, or one visit to several Significant Life Events.  Past Life Regressions end with a variety of healing and integration processes depending on the client's belief paradigm. The session ends with a de-briefing and reinforcement of positive learnings.  
  4. Clients can expect insights and revelations to occur in-between sessions.  They may also get more information in their dreams. Therefore a follow-up session is recommended to integrate these new learnings.  The fourth session would either be for addressing lingering issues through past life regression or for discussing new insights and reinforcing positive learnings through direct hypnosis.

Past Life Curious 

Option 1:  

2 sessions which include the intake interview and a short practice direct hypnosis and a Past Life Regression with a visit to one Happy Life Event. If there is time we will repeat the visit to the same Happy Life Event again as much more detail is usually revealed in the second or third visit to the same event.

Usually Past Life Regressions end with a variety of healing and integration processes depending on the client's belief paradigm. Since these sessions are directed at specific types of memories which are usually happy memories, negative residue is usually absent or is minimally affecting the client; so less time would be spent on this phase of the hypnosis. The session ends with a de-briefing and re-enforcement of positive learnings. 

Option 2:

Same as above except it includes 3 sessions and lasts up to 3.5 hours and includes exploration and reintegration of an additional Significant Life Event.   The past life regression might entail a revisit of the Significant Life Event found or a visit to another life entirely. Or, we might ask for a different event altogether, like a happy memory of a specific special occasion.  

As I mentioned, if needed, Past Life Regressions ends with a variety of healing and integration processes depending on the client's belief paradigm. If the client is willing, they may ask and receive a special message or gift or symbol from their Higher Self or an explanation of why they went to this particular part of this past life.  What was the higher meaning that would benefit the client? Inevitably the client will receive additional information from the higher realm.

Sometimes we visit Spiritual Mountain, where clients can see their current life on one side of the mountain and their past life on the other.  Clients then notice differences and parallels. They may notice if there is mental, physical (habits, allergies, etc) or emotional material in this life that belongs in the past life and can then put them back so that they no longer block happiness in this life. The session ends with a debriefing and reinforcement of positive learnings. ​

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