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Hypnotherapy by the Bay LLC

Janis KC Jarvis, MA, MHt, CLC  

Take Back Your Bliss

A La Carte Offerings

Ideal Weight and Fitness

-$11 off for purchase of 3 or more

PLUS 30% 

discount on session 6+

Ideal Weight and Fitness

Ultra Supreme

for a change of 50+ lbs

Total Savings: $11 plus $200 = $211!!

Includes but is not limited to:

  • recordings of all suggestive hypnosis
  • frequent--daily if necessary-coaching with motivational messages and accountability checks
  • intake and initial interview
  • 2 comprehensive sessions
  • 7 specialized sessions such as "Moderation", "Body Image and Appreciation" , "Eliminating Excess", Food Aversion", Increasing Metabolism & Movement", "Choices", "Food: Your Fuel and Medicine" and “Your Slender Image"
  • 10 Sessions

Ideal Weight Deluxe
Ideal Weight Deluxe with Regression